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Founded right here in San Marcos in 1993, Priority Personnel provides skilled temporary and long-term employees across a wide range of occupations including: advanced manufacturing, light industrial, administrative, technical, and professional.

Over the years, the company has become a recognized leader in the staffing industry. Hundreds of Central Texas companies rely on us to provide them with highly skilled, dependable employees.

For over twenty years, Priority has been successful as a business because of its sound principles and unique operating philosophy. Both our organization and our competitive environment are continually changing. It is our relentless focus on building long-term
relationships based on top-quality service, high ethical standards and innovative solutions that allows us to meet the challenges of an ever changing landscape.

Our unique philosophy, coupled with a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals allows us to consistently provide our clients with exceptional people. Our capabilities and proven results have made us the preferred choice for top talent and world class employers. When it comes to finding highly skilled employees that are strong cultural fits, Priority leads the way. Over eighty percent of the requests we receive from our clients are for people to fill long term, core positions. Last year alone, we helped over six hundred and fifty people start new careers.

Priority specializes in high quality people. Our clients rely on us to to carefully screen, assess and place outstanding talent in both temporary and long-term positions. Our ability to find the right employees, at the right time, provides our clients with the flexibility they need to respond quickly to changes.

Priority Personnel announced this month that it has been named one of Inavero’s 2014 Best of Staffing® Client Award winners. Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the fifth annual Best of Staffing Award provides the only statistically valid, service quality benchmarks in the industry and reveals which staffing agencies are delivering the highest quality of service to their clients. Priority Personnel received satisfaction ratings of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 82.4 percent of their clients, significantly higher than the industry’s average of 35% percent.On behalf of our entire staff we would like to thank Hays County for voting Priority Personnel, Best Staffing/Temporary Firm and Best Employment Agency.

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