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Thank you Hays County for voting us
Best Place to Work
Best Employment Agency &
Best Staffing Firm!

In September, we will celebrate a significant milestone, our twentieth anniversary! Wewish to extend our sincere thanks to this community, to our clients and to the manythousands of employees with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

Twenty years ago, we saw an opportunity to change the way staffing companies dobusiness. Rather than continue the trend of building a transactional staffing business,we wanted to build a business around quality employment opportunities, exceptionalservice, and the simple notion of treating people with respect. After all, people matter!

Today, we believe more strongly in our operating philosophy than ever. Theramifications of the 2009 recession have been significant. At the very least, we believethe recession has accelerated a fundamental shift in the very nature of the traditionalemployment relationship. More and more, talent and flexibility are defining the “people”strategies of organizations. Globalization, technology, regulatory and financial pressureshave combined to redefine talent utilization.
This shift is creating entirely new ways of working. The free agent workforce isbecoming more and more prolific as companies build strategies to increase scalableaccess to top talent. This shift brings tremendous opportunity, both for today’s workersand the companies that seek them, but it also brings challenges.

We expect you will see more and more reports of the “misuse” of people in somecontingent workforce arrangements, as less than scrupulous companies (includingsome staffing agencies) seek to take advantage of opportunities. Thankfully, wethink you will also see growing pressure on companies to ensure that providers andmanagers of contingent talent are doing so in an ethical manner.
To us, there are certain measures of how well we are performing in this importantregard. Being recognized by the readers of the San Marcos Daily Record as the BestStaffing Firm, Best Employment Agency and the Best Place to Work indicates that weare achieving many of our objectives with respect to service and quality.

This month, we were also named to the 2013 National Best of Staffing List. The Bestof Staffing List is the nation’s only award that recognizes staffing agencies that receiveremarkable reviews from their clients and the people they help find jobs (employedtalent). Presented in partnership with CareerBuilder, the Best of Staffing list provides theonly statistically valid, objective, service quality benchmarks in the industry and revealswhich staffing agencies are delivering exceptional service to their clients.

This year’s list highlights a growing divide among the industry’s leaders and laggards, andidentifies Priority Personnel as one of the best staffing agencies for companies to call when theyare looking to hire temporary or permanent employees.

Once again, we would like to say thank you, and we invite you to stop by and see us. Whetheryou are looking for work or would like to learn more about emerging strategies for managingtalent, we are eager to visit.

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