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What is strategic staffing, and what can it do for your organization?

Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of our temporary staffing services for last-minute and short-term staffing requirements.  But depending upon your unique workforce needs, one of Priority Personnel’s strategic workforce solutions may be the right choice to help your company stay flexible, competitive and efficient.

Here is a quick overview of our services and what they can do for you:

Planned / Just-in-Time Staffing:  Regular, planned use of temporaries to handle your peak production periods, seasonal activities or special projects.  Our staffing experts will help you analyze your workload throughout the year and determine the right times to bring in supplemental staff.  Together, we can develop a proactive staffing plan that saves you money and minimizes your need for layoffs by supplementing your core workforce with temporary help during your busiest periods. 

Find out how Priority Personnel helped a manufacturing client use planned staffing to reduce costs, while effectively managing their busiest season.

On-Site Staffing:  If you have high-volume staffing needs, Priority Personnel can provide a staffing manager to work on-site, directly at your location.  Your on-site coordinator will handle every facet of coordinating, ordering, planning and tracking of contingent employees.  Because the on-site coordinator acts as the central contact for hiring managers, coordinates recruiting activities and handles personnel-related issues, you are free to focus on your most important priorities.

Find out how Priority Personnel helped a manufacturing client use an on-site coordinator to simplify staffing and give more time back to HR.

Managed Staffing:  The staffing service assumes responsibility and accountability for your entire staffing function, from hiring and recruiting to managing temporary employees.  Managed staffing services provide the convenience of having a single source for all your staffing requirements.  It eliminates the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of hiring, delivers the best candidates available, improves efficiency and reduces your staffing costs.

Priority Personnel – Your Organization’s Key to Strategic Staffing Success

As a leading San Marcos staffing firm, Priority Personnel can do much more than provide great workers for your short-term needs.  Our staffing professionals can help you critically examine your workforce needs, and develop a staffing strategy that makes your organization more successful.  Call us today to schedule a free workforce consultation.

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